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biddingopportunitiesIf you are a dealer or distributor of medical equipment and you are bidding on an opportunity which includes EEG or EMG equipment, we are glad to help you.

We can answer questions on technical specifications, and provide pricing including shipping to your specified location.

Some things to consider:

  1. Try to get as much lead time as possible. It can take time to gather the answers you need, and sometimes we are asked for something within too short a time to be able to respond.
  2. If we have a distributor in your country already, we will refer you to them.
  3. We like to get to know who is going to be selling and representing our products, so do please provide us with a profile of your business.
  4. Will you be able to provide installation and training services? It helps if you have someone trained to provide these value-added services. We can provide training for your staff, although there is a cost to fly our people out to your location.
  5.  Please provide a copy of the RFP documentation, so we can review and assist you in completing it.
  6. EEG systems are very sensitive, and require stable power and a good ground connection. It is important you work with your customer to resolve any issues prior to delivery and installation.

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If you are working on an RFP and need background information, or want pricing including shipping, we can help. We manufacture and ship EEG and EMG systems worldwide.

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