Which EEG Accessories Should I get?

This is a question we get a lot. As a Canadian based EEG manufacturer we offer both EEG equipment and the EEG accessories needed to use them. When you are ordering your equipment, our staff will typically ask you about the applications you intend to use the equipment for, and we will advise you on what you should need. We want to see our equipment being used, and not standing idle for lack of the required accessories. Here are the basics:

Conductive Gels & Paste

There are different gels for short term and long term monitoring. As this is a consumable, you need to maintain a sufficient stock based on the number of patients you deal with on an ongoing basis.


There are different kinds of electrodes, depending upon the types of testing to be performed. Consult your manual, and work out the quantity needed for your intended application.

You will most likely need a ground electrode as well for most types of EEG testing.


Shielded wire is recommended to reduce the chance of interference artifacts in your recordings. We offer various wires with different connectors for different applications.

For both electrodes and wires, you need to have some spares, so you can switch over when one causes issues. Always check your electrodes to make sure they are getting a good signal to noise ratio before you start the testing proper.

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