NCV ring electrodeThese ring-electrodes will be used for sensory nerves-conduct-velocity examinations. These can be used for both stimulation and recording. Easy to use stainless steel ring electrodes have an adjustable slider that moves smoothly and locks firmly in one motion. All rings must be coated with conductive gel. Two ring electrodes, red (active) and black (reference), are included in the packaging. The electrodes are attached to a 5-pin 2700 round connector by a 150 cm coated lead wire.


No. Part No. Name connector Wire length Item per package
1 01M-O5R-01 Ring electrode With 5 pole plug 150cm 2 (active & reference)
2 01M-O5R-02 Ring electrode With 2 mm plug 15cm 2 (active & reference)
3 01M-O5R-03 Ring electrode With 1.5 mm TP-plug 15cm 2 (active & reference)
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