Ground electrode

EEG Ground electrodeGround electrode, which is made of stainless steel, offers an alternative to the grounding stripes. More important is the positioning, the correct placement and a good transition resistance. Our custom molded grounds offers long lasting performance. The round stainless steel ground has a flat contact surface and a diameter of 30 mm. A Velcro stripe will be used to keep the ground in place. To achieve the necessary transition resistance with the least possible contact problem, the electrode can also be used as a conventional grounding electrode with contact gel. The main lead will be connected firmly with the plates and will not vary by the length.


No. Part No. Name connector Item per package
1 01M-07G-01 Ground electrode With 4mm plug 1
2 01M-07G-02 Ground electrode With 2mm plug 1
3 01M-07G-03 Ground electrode With 1.5mm TP-plug 1
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