EMG Introduction

EMG/NCV/EP 5000Q PortableSmall electrical currents are generated by muscle fibres prior to the production of muscle force. These currents are generated by the exchange of ions across muscle fibre membranes, a part of the signalling process for the muscle fibres to contract.

The signal called the electromyogram (EMG) can be measured by applying conductive elements or electrodes to the skin surface, or invasively within the muscle. Surface EMG is the more common method of measurement, since it is non-invasive and can be conducted by personnel other than Medical Doctors, with minimal risk to the subject.

NR Sign electromyography (EMG) diagnostic solutions are accurate, reliable and easy to use. Including both nerve conduction velocity (NCV) and evoked potential (EP) testing, they are well suited to hospitals, clinics, and mobile testing services. Combined with our state of the art software, provides features that cannot be found elsewhere.

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