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EEG Portable 3840

NR SIGN Portable EEG 3840 has all you need for a portable device, ultra-low noise, easy and fast to use in Emergency and ICU rooms.

  • Windows based software, and programmable functions such as: Montage editor, filters, scales, time division, stimulations automatic patterns, sample rate, channels number, sensitivities, and automatic report generator
  • Review and re -analysis tools, signal magnification, signal processing analysis such as spike and spike-slow detection, brain mapping, power spectral and brain waves analysis
  • Easy to annotate and select the desired signals
  • Optional high quality Video EEG
  • Two modes and fast Impedance checking (by software and by a key on the head box)
  • Event detector bar and navigation, Event summery and navigation at a glance
  • Data export in Decimal and Hex codes, data export options on PDF and MVI formats
  • Flexible work space and easy accessible software’s main tools

  • Brain mapping tools for both selected and the whole EEG data

  • Easy, fast and programmable impedance checking (very fast on the head box and more precise on the EEG software)

  • Easy and fast montage manager, channel re-name and average setting, and spectral analysis setting

  • Event summarization, navigation, report, and data export option


Hardware Specifications

  • CMRR >100db, Sensitivity: 10uV-2mV, Noise level<2uV, 0.16Hz< frequency response <500Hz, sample rate: 500-3KHz, ATD resolution: 24 bits, 22 EEG channels and one ECG channel, including 5V-3A DC adaptor power supply, programmable 0-50Hz photic stimulator.
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