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EEG 3840

pic for EEG 3840NR SIGN EEG 3840 has all you need for an EEG system. It has strong, high quality, user friendly hardware and software, and also flexible configuration on 24 and 32 channels. NR SIGN INC tries to customize the system according to user requests and system applications.

Optional functions such as

  • 8 extra channels.
  • Surface EMG, ECG and VEP.
  • Impedance checking
  • High quality video and audio recording.
  • CE, ISO 13485, CMDCAS, FDA QRS certified

Note, for LTM applications, we recommend the NR SIGN EEG 5000Q.




NR Sign EEG Software

  • Programmable functions include: Montage Manager and figures, filters, scales, time division, EEG process pattern, stimulator, and HV patterns, review and recording panels, reanalysis tools, video EEG data extraction, automatic and editable report generator.
EEG Software Montage Manager
EEG Software Annotate Report
  • Event detector and navigator, events summary and navigation at a glance.

EEG Software events

EEG Software Video Recording
  • EEG patterns detection
  • High Quality video recording, analog zoom, time stamp, programmable review speed, data selection and storage, easy annotation and data selection.
  • Programmable systems default values such as sample rate, channels number, low and high pass filters,m time scales, and sensitivities, annotation, selection, and report texts, EEG pattern.


Available with either laptop or PC version. Below is the PC version:

EEG 3840

Hardware Specifications

  • CMRR > 100 dB; Sensitivity 10 uV – 2 mV; Noise Level < 2 uV; Frequency 0.16Hz – 500 Hz; Subject Isolation >= 5kV; Programmable Sample Rate 500 – 2k sample/second; Video Quality MP2; Class II BF type electrical safety
  • Weight EEG system: < 3.5 kg; Head box arm: 2 kg;  Photic simulator trolley: 4 kg; Trolley 30 kg
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