Disposable Needle Electrodes

needle-electrodes(Compatible with all EMG devices)
Stainless steel electrodes are pre-sterilized. The exposed point of the cannula is conically sharpened and serves as the recording area. Shielded cable with 5-pin 2700 connector is available for an additional cost. Detachable disposable needle is easy to attach and detach from reusable holder. Just push the needle into the holder and you are ready to test. Single patient use only.

No. Part No. Name Length Diameter Item per package
1 01 M-01N-01 Disposable concentric needle 28mm O.30mm 25
2 01 M-01N-02 Disposable concentric needle 28mm O.45mm 25
3 01 M-01N-03 Disposable concentric needle 38mm O.45mm 25
4 01 M-01N-04 Disposable concentric needle 48mm O.45mm 25
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