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Nuprep Skin Preparation Gel

Nuprep skin preparation gel is beneficial for use where motion artifacts can affect readings, and when a reduction of skin impedance would enhance a test result. No. Part No. Name Item per package 1 02E·06N·OO Nuprep Skin Preparation Gel 1

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Collodion is suitable for long-time-recording which can stretch over several days. No. Part No. Name Item per package 1 02E·05A·OO Collodion 5

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Ten 20

Ten20 conductive paste is ideal for applying 10 mm electrodes in a 10/20 pattern for EEG tests. It’s a staple for expert technicians throughout the world who have come to rely on its optimal balance of adhesiveness and conductivity. Its

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Silver disc-electrode with single-sided plastic-cover

Can be used for the application with EOG-recordings. The shielded/unshielded cable has a length of 120cm and is equipped with a 1.5mm TP-plug or 2mm plug or dipole plug. No. Part No. Name connector Item per package 1 01M-08P-01 Silver

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Gold (Au) electrodes

Gold-electrodes consist of a silver-electrode with a gold-alloy. Depending on the manufacturers and manufacture-procedures, this alloy might have different density or strength. The gold electrodes offered by NR Sign consist of a silver bearer-material and possess a gold-layer of 31J.

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Silver (Ag) electrodes

Pure silver-electrodes are polarizable electrodes. They generate slow EEG-frequency under 10Hz a resistance exponentially steeply ascending with the frequency-decrease and take to a distortion of the EEG-signal. Pure silver-electrodes are therefore been not suitable for an EEG recording. They becomes

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Silver/Silver chloride (Ag/AgCI) electrodes

Silver / silver chloride electrodes (Ag/AgCI- electrodes) are not polarizable. Ag/AgCI- electrodes are chloride coated pure silver to provide stability and low noise. It has a low resistance in low frequencies that makes it suitable for this porous and prevents

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Ground electrode

Ground electrode, which is made of stainless steel, offers an alternative to the grounding stripes. More important is the positioning, the correct placement and a good transition resistance. Our custom molded grounds offers long lasting performance. The round stainless steel

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Universal cable

Shielded interconnect cable with a 5-pin 2700 connector and 3-port, wide body yoke provides extension for the electrode. Each touch proof port is color-coded so you can easily identify active (red), reference (blue), and ground (green). Surface adhesive electrodes and

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EEG wire

120cm shielded wire is now available to reduce noise. Sold individually or grouped in convenient mini-crocodile and alligator clips lead wire kits. No. Part No. Name Connector Wire Length Item per package 1 02E-03W-011 Mini-crocodile EEG wire With 2mm plug

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EEG Electrodes

The electrodes of NR Sign have a screw thread so that the height of the electrodes can be adjusted. This way, a good electrode-contact to the head-surface is guaranteed. After the electrodes are removed, the felt pads should also be

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This EEG-Cap is made of Silicon and can be adjusted precisely. The 2-way connectors give an option for positioning the electrode of the international 10/20 recording system. As standard, this EEG-Cap contains two straight-braces that are connected by 2-way connections

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